A quality customer and technical support experience requires commitment and consistent effort from everyone. Almusanada ensures a serious commitment from every employee in the company to deliver service excellence and exceed customers’ expectations.We measure our effectiveness against key metrics with an objective to continually raise the bar and improve. Examples of support metrics include:     


Repair quality

Word-of-mouth promoter


Almusanada Customer Service is committed to delivering prompt, professional assistance for all your ordering and nontechnical needs.  Contact us when you have inquiries or need help. For contact details click on the link below or call our hot line number


Technical Assistance is offered through our professional engineers. All our engineers are extensively trained and licensed.Only factory parts obtained from our partners are authorized in servicing our products. We maintain a substantial inventory of parts to assure your needs


Application Assistance is offered through our professional biologists. All our biologists are well trained and have excellent knowledge in laboratory systems and reagents. If you need any application support, please contact below

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