Slide Stainer

unsurpassed alcohol-based stain quality staining with user flexibility and convenience.

“Delivering textbook quality staining with trouble-free operation.”

The new Series 2 stainers fulfills Today’s needs for Laboratories, with an easy and intuitive 21st century interface.

The Aerospray Hematology Pro automated slide stainer is a necessity to any hematology laboratory because it can be adjusted to a wide range of staining requirements. The run time is short with slides ready for the microscope in five minutes giving superior results. Only fresh alchohol based reagent is applied as an atomized spray on slides mounted in a rotating carousel. Specimens contact only fresh stain, precisely metered from separate spray nozzles. Accuracy is assured.
With the addition of the optional Cytopro® Cytocentrifuge Rotor, the Hematology Pro is also able to deposit cells onto microscope slides.

The Aerospray Hematology Pro Series 2 automated slide stainer is a dual-purpose microprocessor-controlled slide staining and cell preparation system.