Powerful and Flexible Immunoassay Testing

Like all other Tosoh AIA-CL automated immunoassay analysers, the AIA-CL1200 utilises the unique CL-AIA Pack twin cup format. With a throughput of up to 120 results per hour, first result within 15 minutes for most assays, this instrument is suited for a medium to high level of workload.

AIA-CL1200 Features

  • Throughput: Up to 120 tests/ hour
  • Continuous loading of:
    100 samples
    480 tips (5 tip racks)
    640 tests (20 trays)
  • Up to 20 analytes per specimen
  • Walk away time ~ 3.5 hours
  • Automated daily maintenance
  • Long calibrations stability (up to 90 days)
  • Refrigerator ≤ 15°C
  • STAT position
  • Optional: Automatic dilution device for buffer preparation


Reliable, Simple, Flexible


  • Full traceability, positive identification of samples and reagents, on board refrigeration
  • Fibrin, sample, clot, air bubble detection and sample level sensing
  • Full QC package on board including Levey-Jennings charts

Operational Simplicity:

  • Ready to use reagents, including adjusters and diluting reagents
  • Automated and minimal maintenance
  • Automated calibration and buffer preparation possible (optional)
  • Long walk away time


  • Same reagents used across the entire AIA-CL family
  • Continuously loading of samples

Standalone unit or connected to Lab Automation (e.g. Tosoh Evoline®)