System completeness:

Unlike many other systems, Selectra Mach5 has everything included

in the system, minimizing footprint. A built-in computer system

including touchscreen monitor enabling better cyber security.

An integrated supply of system liquid, simplifying

system handling for the operator, or, in other words,

optimizing human-system interventions.

Water usage:Selectra Mach5 has an onboard water capacity of 10L and typically uses up to 2.5L/h. The system is designed to perform efficiently, therefore both the water and waste containers can be replaced without interrupting the analytical process.

Photometric module: The unique photometers of Selectra Mach5 are LED-based and have a significantly longer life span than the halogen lamp in lamp-based photometers used in many other clinical chemistry systems. Moreover, the LED photometric cartridge technology provides more flexibility and adaptability for future assay developments, as up to 16 individual LED photometer cartridges with a specific wavelength can be accommodated (12 included as standard).



Fully automated, random access, benchtop clinical chemistry system with STAT capability

DIMENSIONS 105 cm (w) x 70 cm (d) x 65 cm (h) WEIGHT 110 Kg

OPERATING ENVIRONMENT Between 15-32 °C; 30-85 % relative humidity (non condensing); and up to 3,000 m above sea level

INTEGRATED PLATFORM Instrument with inbuilt PC, software, reagents, calibrators, controls and consumables

ANALYSIS MODES Quantitative, Semi-Quantitative and Qualitative

ASSAY TYPES Quantitative Kinetic Rate, Fixed Point Rate, End Point; Semi-quantitative; and Qualitative (cut-off )

ASSAY TECHNOLOGIES Colorimetric (UV-Visible spectra), Turbidimetric


ON BOARD REAGENT CAPACITY Up to 65 Bar Code Readable (BCR) positions, cooled at 8 ± 4 °C ON BOARD TEST CAPACITY At least 39 Parameters when using ELITechGroup system reagents

SYSTEM REAGENT MENU At least 40 CE marked system reagents