Sperm Analyzer

The SCA SCOPE is a lab equipment for semen assessment that comprises both software and hardware. Thus, analysis can be performed in an autonomous, automatic and rapid way.

This new all-in-one CASA will ease and improve your performance in the laboratory making your work both more efficient and comfortable.

Functionality, simplicity and aesthetics for your lab.

AUTONOMOUS: Human intervention is not required. The system automatically sets up the correct calibration, adjusts the adaptive optics, detects and focusses samples and likewise analyses are performed automatically. The internal quality control is automatic as well.


ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: It suggests the next analysis

that you should perform on a sample and also tells you which

analyses have not been performed yet.

MULTI-PATIENT: With the SCA SCOPE you can analyze

several patients at the same time.


EASY TO USE: The device can be used by anyone with no prior knowledge of microscopy. Reports can be printed directly.

BIG DATA: All results are stored in a database with support for complex statistics, custom queries and integration with a LIS.