-Fully Automated Elisa

The ThunderBolt® is an innovative 2-plate, fully automated, open platform that is compact
and cost efficient. The user-friendly and flexible software is capable of programming a
broad range of protocols. The ThunderBolt
® is available for both ELISA and Chemiluminescent (CLIA) applications.


• Fully-Automated – Load and walk away
• High Capacity – 192 samples
• Open Architecture – Program any EIA or CLIA protocol
• Adaptable – Capable of running many different protocols in a single batch
• Space Saving – Reclaim valuable space and with a 2’ x 2’ footprint

Unique Features

• Intelligent Racks, On-Board Camera
• Intuitive, Open, Flexible Software
• Built-in Reader, Convection Incubator
• High Precision Micro-Syringe