Helicobacter Pylori-C14

The analyzer is designed for medical units to diagnose H pylori infection in human stomach. After patient takes urea labeled with [14C], if he/she has Helicobacter pylori in stomach, the urease generated by Hpylori will dissolve urea into 14CO2. The detector uses an ionization counter to measure 14C in exhaled breath to diagnose H pylori infection. HUBT-20P Helicobacter Pylori Detector

(1) New structural design with beautiful appearance and light weight.

(2) Adopting newly designed circuit and elements with reliable

performance and high efficiency.

(3) Fully-upgraded operation interface, intuitive and simple.

(4) Automatic design for button-free measurement and easy


(5) Automatic fault diagnosis, background count reduction

and correction.

(6) Automatic presentation and printing of test results.

(7) Barcode scanning, connectable to Hospital/Laboratory Information System (HIS/LIS)