NAISSA® – a fully automated Mono test Immunoanalyzer with a unique mono test reagent cartridge, state-of-the-art technology, and outstanding flexibility.

  • Less human effort
  • Wide range of tests
  • New tests constantly developed
  • Flexible job list
  • Rare and routine kits available on one platform

The test method is EIA as the well proved gold standard.
30 positions in temperature Peltier controlled (25-37°C) rotor ensure perfect conditions for your 30 different assays in one run.
Perfect mixing is ensured by 2 vibration motors.
Conjugate has its own dedicated probe to minimize cross-contamination risk, together with a dedicated piercing device for easy and risk-free handling of reagents.
NAISSA® reduces carry-over with 2 independent sets of probes and piercing devices coated with the latest technology nanoceramic.
The Reagent level is constantly being monitored by intelligent software and measured by precise weight sensors, which is more reliable than liquid level sensor monitoring
The Optical systems are advanced LED fiber optics – maintenance-free. No need for lamp change and difficult adjustments by specialized service engineers.
Capacitive level sensor probes for accurate reagent handling
Ceramics pump with high precision step motor (1 step = 0.01187 μL) is maintenance-free.