Product Brief:

Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Nucleic Acid Detection Kit (RT-PCR)

Applicable instrument: Real-time fluorescent quantitative PCR instrument with FAM, HEX (VIC / JOE) and Cy5 channels (e.g. ABI 7500, Bio-RadCFX96 and LightCycler480)

One-step Real-time Polymerase Chain Reaction

Endogenous internal standard detection system

Target gene: S and N genes, high sensitivity and high specificity.

Product Specifications:

Sample type: Throat swab and sputum

Compositions: Buffer, Enzyme Mix, Positive & Negative control

Detection limit: 200 copies / mL

Precision: CV ≤5%.

Negative & positive reference products coincidence rate: 100%.

Duration: ~80min (RNA→results)

Size: 48, 96 T/Kit

Storage: -20 ± 5 ℃;

Shelf life: 12 months