Almusanada main Offices at Iraq:

  • Baghdad ( Head Quarter and main warehouses )
  • Erbil (Kurdistan Region )
  • Alsulaimaniah ( Kurdistan Region )
  • Albasrah ( South Region)

Almusanada Showrooms for retail and wholesale laboratory products:

  • Baghdad ( Bab Almoadhem )
  • Baghdad (Alharthiyah )
  • Erbil ( Doctors Street)
  • AlBasrah

Nahj Atatweer scientific Bureau for promoting drugs, labs and medical appliances:

  • Baghdad (working with MOH according to Iraqi MOH regulations   and Public hospitals)

we're available in iraq Baghdad (Capital),Erbil (Kurdistan Region), Alsulaimaniah(Kurdistan),Albasrah ( South Region)

Almusanda location

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